OSIS is creating the first Decentralized Sovereign Organization (DSO), building Web3 infrastructure for a free global economy.

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Create your own supply with the OSIS Tokenizer. Make currencies, NFT projects, smart contracts, and any other tokenized asset in 60 seconds.

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The OSIS Vault offers 100% private and encrypted file storage, ensuring your data remains safe and confidential. Experience fast and reliable file hosting with OSIS Vault.

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Communities get to vote on projects to be listed, interact with each other inside the exchange’s web3 social media, leading to more transparency on what is legitimate.

Swap hundreds of currencies instantly. Empower projects you believe in by voting with OSIS.  


Integrated within the OSIS ecosystem as its sovereign currency, driving tokenization, voting, education, & more.


MetaBadges grant ArchAngel status, allowing free access to OSIS platforms, more voting power, staking rewards, & exclusive business guidance from the OSIS Team.

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OSIS is backed by

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Our upcoming releases are designed to revolutionize the way you interact with digital ecosystems.


Instant Web3 Email and large file transfer with end to end encryption. No speed limit.

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OSIS Profile

Take control of your data & identity. Claim your Web3 Domain. Profile gives members the choice to monetize their online presence & earn ad-share revenue.

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OSIS Dashboard

Building in Web3 just got easier. Tokenize, manage, monetize, all in one place.

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OSIS Wallet

Full control. Maximum security. Hold hundreds of currencies & interface with your favorite apps all in one place. Made for iOS & Android.

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Core Team.

Meet the people who make OSIS. Get to know us!

Chris Tabaro

Full Stack Developer

Jalal Ibrahimi
Vice President

Financial Controller

Vanessa Stival
Chief Design Officer

Senior UI/UX Designer

Luigi Santoro
Chief Technology Officer

Senior Engineer

Oliver Randall
Master of Filmography

Content Director

Lenny Nicholson
Chief Strategy Officer

Strategic Commercial Partnerships

Terry Williams
Chief Partnerships Officer

International Partnerships

Darryl Pearson
Business Development Officer

Strategic Partnerships

Justin Francisco
Chief Marketing Officer

Advertising & Promo