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What is OSIS?

OSIS the utility token behind the education, tokenization, and exchange ecosystem that offers users the ability to launch their own NFTs & tokens. OSIS’ mission is to help all transition from Web2 to Web3 by simplifying access to the blockchain & ushering in a tokenized economy.

The OSIS ecosystem includes everything you need to start your Web3 journey & take advantage of the tokenization revolution, such as:

  • OSIS Tokenizer (mint your own tokens & NFTs)
  • NFT Domains (in partnership with Unstoppable Domains)
  • OSIS Exchange (Decentralized Exchange)
  • CoinCare Digital Currency Cards (spend your digital currency anywhere)
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What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is splitting anything (physical or digital) into purchasable shares, or tokens, on the blockchain. Tokenization is projected to create a $544 Trillion Market.

In a Tokenized World, the possibilities for growth are unlimited as it allows all businesses & their customers/supporters to directly benefit without middle men taking a lion's share of profits.

The decentralization of resources, and way of doing business, allows for a modern, digital barter system that is globally adopted (as Bitcoin has demoed). The globalization of value creates a circular economy in which benefits flow back to the people, enriching communities & everyone involved.

People Through OSIS University & OSIS Core's tools, anyone from anywhere in the world will have the power to get involved in this trillion dollar financial revolution.
Businesses Reimagine your business in a booming industry with little to no competition. Mint your own digital token or create NFTs for your products with ease, no complicated code involved. Create value from your potential & everything you do through Tokenization.
Web3 Building with cutting-edge tech, OSIS is creating the fundamentals for you to join millions of others in the transition from Web2 to Web3. The future OSIS platform will allow all brands on the platform to tokenize themselves & be freely traded & globally accessible.
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