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We are building the first ever Search Engine, like a Web3 Google, that will allow creators, businesses and consumers to buy, sell and create in the decentralized world.

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What is OSIS?

OSIS is the first Web3 Search Engine that will allow anyone to surf, create, manage & discover dApps, assets and projects all in one place seamlessly.


Once web3 is indexed, it’ll be more user-friendly, with less risk from scams, creating more economic opportunity for everyone. This inevitably leads to mass adoption, just as it did in the 2000s with Google.


OSIS Ecosystem

This is what will be possible with the coming launch of the OSIS ecosystem.


Surf & search Web3 securely, interact with decentralized apps, verify businesses & people, & learn more about how to use Web3.

Store things

Use OSIS to save files, photos, assets, and more on the decentralized web. Create Web3 websites & dApps without the need for a server. Turn your family photo album into an eternal memory by storing it in Web3.


Get access to the global marketplace without borders using digital currencies. Buy products & services directly & safely with your privacy intact.


Find credible information on legitimate projects to invest into. The next Uber, Apple, & Amazon will leverage Web3 & you can be the first to participate.

OSIS Milestones


OSIS Sold ($1.4M+ Raised)


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